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The 2019 Cam Snead
Memorial Wiffleball Tournament Champions

The Granger Panthers

Registration for the Peacefest Tournament begins July 1st

THE FIRST MAJOR wiffle event of the year!
The Cam Snead Tournament will include all of the same amenities that has attracted hundreds of wifflers over the past 2 years.
ONE BIG CHANGE!  This year, teams battle for the best prize in the history of the sport--- the Golden Belt! 
The HD tournament was the only major wiffle event Cam won during his lifetime and it was one of his most cherished moments, winning that belt was truly a highpoint in his life.  We honor the HD tournament and Cam by presenting a belt dedicated to his love for the game.
Worth about 1k, there is no greater prize to be won in the game of wiffle.
With 30 teams in 2018, the tournament is certain to attract some of the top talent in the game once again this year.  We've added additional fields, food, festivities, and will be introducing a live DJ.

Cost to enter is 50$ per team, all ages and skill levels are invited.  5 players per team max, 6th players may be added only on 14u/family teams.  Teams with a majority of kids under 14 will receive a $10 refund via paypal.   Choose "14u" below to achieve the discounted rate as well as balanced pool play assignments.  There will be a special ceremony to honor Cam’s love for the game of wiffleball preceding the first pitch @ 10:45 AM.  Single elimination tournament play begins Saturday afternoon at 2:30.   There is a 4 game guarantee with most teams advancing to the single elimination tournament, the majority of teams will be finshed for the day by 4:00.
Ages 8+ are welcome, parents/grandparents often play with their children/grandchildren while others enter their little league teammates. 

Rule Changes:
All bats will be inspected before the tournament and stamped for use.
Rules of play can be found here

Click to enter!

The cost of the tournament is $50

To Register for the Tournament:
Simply click the link to pay and THEN fill out the roster form.    No entries are final until payment is received. 

Please submit your roster below, it can be always be altered at the site of the tournament during check-in.
Team Name
Email Address
Contact Phone
Skill Level (Pro/14u)
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Player 5 (Optional)
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Peacefest Tournament Origins

Rose Park in Mishawaka had held the World Wiffleball Championship for several decades.  Once the WWC left for Skokie, IL, the Peacefest Classic held its first tournament during the Peacefest Festival at Queen of Peace Catholic Church.  It became the new Mishawaka Championship in 2013. This year's World Wiffleball Championship will be held July 14-15 in 2018 in Midlothian, IL.