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The 2019 Peacefest Classic
August 24th

The 2018 Peacefest Tournament Champions
The Granger Panthers

Peacefest Tournament registration begins July 1st

The Peacefest Wiffleball Classic is played on site during Queen of Peace's summer festival to make for one of the best atmospheres for the sport in the country.  Nowhere will you be intertwined so tightly into a festival setting with so many eyes upon you.  This tournament is not for the meek or shy,  the pressure is great, and the audience gazing upon the field will be at an all-time high.  Live music, carnival rides, inflatables, vendor tents, kids games, a classic car show, and a beer tent directly overlooking the fields are all part of the fun.  It is an amazing day capped off with the champions being presented the Peacefest trophy to over a thousand people under the big tent.
 Everyone is welcome to play wiffleball, from your Average Joe  to your Olympic hopeful.  

($80) Pro Division play will take place on Saturday the 24th.  Pool play will begin on Saturday morning with the single elimination tournament starting in the afternoon.  Every team will play at least 4 games, most will advance to the single elimination tournament.  For those who don't, a mini-tournament will be held between the lowest ranked teams to earn the final spot in the tournament.  Each inning starts with a runner on 3rd base and 2 outs, this continues until a winner is decided.  Steals of home plate are allowed after the first pitch of each half inning. 
Pro teams generally have played some wiffleball or baseball in the past and are 13 years of age or older.

($40) Amateur Division pool play begins on Friday evening during the Peacefest Kickoff Cookout.  As always, we'll have a live DJ with karaoke,  the Soccer Goal Challenge ($2 entry), and the Cam Snead Homerun Derby (5$ entry).  Last year we had over 20 participants in each of the contests while hundreds of Amateur wifflers began pool play.  The single elimination tournament for the Amateur Division will begin on Sunday at 12:00.
Amateur teams are typically teams of kids aged 14 and younger or teams with parents/grandparents and younger children.

Rule Changes:

All bats will be inspected before the tournament and must weigh less than 6.31 oz.
Rules of play can be found here

Amateur Entry $40

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Pro Entry $80
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Peacefest Tournament Origins

Rose Park in Mishawaka had held the World Wiffleball Championship for several decades.  Once the WWC left for Skokie, IL, the Peacefest Classic held its first tournament during the Peacefest Festival at Queen of Peace Catholic Church.  It became the new Mishawaka City Championship in 2013. This year's World Wiffleball Championship will be held July 21-22 in Midlothian, IL.